In these unprecedented times, where many of us are forced to spend more time at home, we sometimes forget how relaxing and interesting our world can be. We want to remind people of all the wonders of the world by making people marvel at their surroundings through a window or from their balcony. What can you see, what do you hear, what can you smell, how do you experience the world from your window or balcony?

our mission

Resparking Enthusiasm

 Our goal is to respark people’s enthusiasm about our world and in doing so, we are creating a high quality corpus to be used in landscape perception and preference research. In addition, the app features a public map where interested users can explore and admire other users’ contributions 

Our project

Easy. Quick. High Quality.

You can contribute up to one landscape description per hour. You can explicitly agree to your descriptions being displayed on the public map. Your contributions will be checked by moderators before publication. As a registered user, you can read and delete all your own contributions so this application can also serve as a landscape diary of your surroundings.

Public Engagement

We are eager to talk about our research and give hands-on examples of landscape perception and preference research. That is why we have been participating in various events such as Scientifica: the largest science fare in Switzerland. We not only strive for high quality scientific results, but also sharing our enthusiasm and insights with everyone!